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Now 2 locations to serve you better!

18-333 California Avenue, Brockville, On
43 Plaza Drive, Iroquois, On -NOW OPEN

Hearing Clinic in Brockville ON

Making Your Life Easier

Thousand Islands Hearing Centre is a full service hearing clinic.

We provide full hearing assessment, tinnitus assessment, and counseling for hearing alert systems in the home, as well as, recommend some hearing protection instruments for our musicians and anyone who works and/or enjoys recreation, with exposure to noisy environments.

Find out how we tailor our services to meet your individual needs and schedule your consultation by contacting us today.

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Signs of Hearing Loss

Those around you will notice changes before you do. People may react differently to you and you to them. Hearing loss happens slowly over many years and, as a result, you may not recognize the negative impacts on your life. Better Hearing-Better Life


The Hearing Journey

Step 1

Come in for a complimentary comprehensive hearing assessment with a highly qualified professional in the field of Audiology.

Step 2

Consult with your Practitioner to understand your goals in hearing and what to expect along the way, based on your lifestyle and hearing requirements.

Step 3

Understand the superior product needed to achieve your hearing goals. Establish a positive relationship with your practitioner to help you find the RIGHT product.

Step 4

Experience the difference in our quality of service. NO Stress trial period – no return fee.


We Make It Easy And Affordable To Have Healthy Hearing

•  No Down Payment
•  Instant Approval
•  Revolving Credit Limits
•  High Acceptance
•  Affordable Monthly Payments
•  Completely Open With No Early
•  Prepayment Penalty

Our Mission

Our number one goal is to make your life easier. We believe in providing quality hearing instruments and counseling to ensure all our clients leave with confidence in their hearing health.

Hearing Specialist

Meet our dynamic team, whose passion is to improve your hearing and quality of life.

Sophie Cushing

Sophie's passion for working with the hearing impaired and positively impacting her community influenced her to open the Thousand Islands Hearing Center in 2016.

Marilyn Tinsley

With over seven years' experience in the hearing industry, Mal's has a passion for improving the life-quality for people struggling with hearing loss.