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At Widex we know that sound quality is a vital factor in determining how much you actually use your hearing aids. That’s why we work hard to design solutions that capture all the important sounds you need.

WIDEX UNIQUE is designed to provide you with a fuller, richer soundscape-from the softest whispers to the exciting roar of the crowd. It removes unwanted noise and unexpected sounds and focuses on the voices and sounds you want to hear. UNIQUE lets you hear clear and detailed sound across the full range of today’s complex listening solutions, so you can get the most out of your hearing.



Push your limits, no matter what the situation 

UNIQUE captures all the sounds you need, from the highs to the lows, from the loud to the very quiet. No other hearing aid can provide you with such a wide range of comfortable, audible sounds.



Make the most of every experience

Only UNIQUE can reduce unwanted soft sounds (such as the humming of a refrigerator) and maintain useful soft sounds (such as quiet speech). And when you’re outdoors, UNIQUE significantly reduces wind noise, no matter what the conditions.



Enjoy supreme sound in any environment

UNIQUE cleverly and quickly adapts automatically to any listening situation you find yourself in, no matter how complex.



Widex UNIQUE lets you hear more sounds, no matter where you are, or what you’re doing.

Do you desire a discreet hearing aid? Our CIC and CIC MICRO hearing aids are among the smallest you will find.



If you are deaf in one ear and have normal hearing in the other, then WIDEX CROS is for you. The solution can also be used if you are deaf in one ear and hearing impaired in the other. This is known as a BiCROS solution.

CROS solutionCROS Solution  

When you are deaf in one ear and have normal hearing in the other.   

BiCROS solutionBiCROS Solution

When you are deaf in one ear and have a hearing loss in the other.

No echo hearing aidSUPERB SOUND WITH NO ECHO

Superb sound quality, and no echoes or distortion – this makes WIDEX CROS particularly good for hearing speech. By wirelessly transmitting sound from the deaf ear to the better ear, CROS reduces the head shadow effect, thereby diminishing the detrimental effects, and it looks good too.
Simple to use hearing solution
You wear WIDEX CROS on your deaf ear like an ordinary Behind-the-ear hearing aid. It picks up sound from your surroundings and transmits it over to a hearing aid on your other ear. You can choose from a range of models in the DREAM hearing aid family.

Hear all sounds
Without two working ears, your brain has difficulty working out the precise origin of sounds. This means that it can be difficult to locate sounds. Imagine having to cross a busy street uncertain about which direction traffic is coming from.Because it picks up sounds on your deaf side, WIDEX CROS helps you hear all the sounds around you. That means that you can hear sounds from your deaf side without turning your head.

Designed to your specific needs
For your better ear, you can choose from a range of models from our popular DREAM family. Your hearing care professional will take the degree of your hearing loss into account and help you find the model that suits you best. The combination of WIDEX CROS and the absolute latest in hearing aid technology gives you superb sound quality. And with Widex’ wireless technology you will not experience any echoes or distortion when WIDEX CROS is active.

Outstanding battery life
Due to our advanced battery saving technology we use three times less power than other wireless CROS solutions.




COM-DEX is a stylish, hands-free communication device that streams high-quality sound to your hearing aids from your smartphone.


CALL-DEX is an ultra-compact device for streaming conversations directly from your mobile phone to your hearing aids.


The UNI-DEX is extremely easy to use. Simply plug the mini-jack cable into your mobile phone or audio device, hang the UNI-DEX around your neck and stream away.


With the TV-DEX you can enjoy distortion-free wireless transmission of TV sound directly to your hearing aids.


RC-DEX is designed for basic and easy wireless remote control of your hearing aids.


T-DEX gives you easy connection with mobile phones. For use with all Widex hearing aids with a telecoil.


PHONE-DEX is a cordless phone that streams sound directly into your hearing aids. The PHONE-DEX is easy to hold and can be used as a regular phone as well.


FM+DEX converts signals from an FM receiver, telecoil or line in and streams them to the Widex wireless hearing aids.


DRY-GO UV™ helps your hearing aids perform at their best. The easy-to-use DRY-GO UV dries and sanitizes hearing aids and earmoulds in just 3 hours. Daily use results in improved acoustic performance, better reliability, and better ear hygiene.