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Pure Charge and Go Nx Rechargable



With Convenient Wireless Rechargeability.

  • The world's first Own Voice Processing 
  • Naturally Clear Sound
  • Smart Phone Compatible 
  • Direct Streaming 
  • Phone Calls and Music 
  • StreamLine TV



  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Convenient Charging Unit
  • Directional Microphones
  • IP67-rated (resistant to moisture, sweat, dust and dirt)
  • Exchangeable Housing
  • miniReceiver 2.0
  • HD 2e2
  • Tinnitus Therapy
  • miniPocket Remote Control
  • myHearing App

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Signia NX - Replicating Nature

Overall audibility and a natural sounding own voice are essential for first fit acceptance. Yet many hearing aid wearers think their voice sounds unnatural which can lead to dropouts.

Signia Nx, the world’s most advanced hearing aid platform, provides the industry’s first genuine solution to the own voice issue with uncompromised audibility and speech understanding in noise.

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