Audéo™ B

The Phonak Belong platform allows you to feel at one with your environment regardless of where you are.

  • A variety of automatic programs across different platforms
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Bluetooth Audio and Mic 
  • Bluetooth Phone 
  • Made for Android and Iphone
  • TV Streaming 
  • Duo Phone
  • Auto Acclimatization
  • Tinnitus Balance Noise Generator


CROS B Platform 

When you can follow conversation from whatever direction it comes. 

  • Improve awareness of your surroundings
    and hear sounds from both directions. 
  • With 5 different models we can find the 
    best platform for you. 
  • Proven low power consumption
  • AutoSense OS automatically senses
    your surroundings in real-time
  • Stereo Zoom zeroes in on single voices 
    and improves listening up to 60%