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Our Team

Sophie Cushing

Sophie Cushing


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"Sophie’s passion for working with the hearing impaired and positively impacting her community influenced her to open the Thousand Islands Hearing Center in 2016. She has a Diploma in Hearing Aid Practitioner, and is one of only 40 Hearing Aid Practitioners in Ontario to have her National Board Certification of Hearing Instrument Specialist."

Sophie has worked as customer service support staff in the industry since she was 16. She began working for her father, John Robillard, who grew the company from his father, John H Robillard, in Ottawa. She helped him with marketing and organized his office with the introduction of computers systems in the 1990’s.

Sophie completed her University Degree at Ottawa University in 1996. She moved to Toronto and worked for pharmaceutical company as inside sales supporting the sales team.

She returned to school to become a Massage Therapist and opened a small clinic with her husband’s Chiropractic clinic in Brockville in 1999.

Sophie decided to return to the field of Audiology as she missed working with the hearing impaired. She graduated from Grant McEwan University in 2009 with a Diploma in Hearing Aid Practitioner. She continued her credentials and became one of 40 Hearing Aid Practitioners in Ontario to have her National Board Certification of Hearing Instrument Specialist. She expanded the Brockville Clinic for Robillard Hearing Centres to full time in 2009. She continued to expand by adding Perth and Winchester. All three clinics were successful under Sophie’s direction.

In 2016, Sophie decided it was time to branch away from the Robillard name and opened her new clinic known as today “Thousand Islands Hearing Centre.”

Marilyn Tinsley

Marilyn Tinsley

Office Manager


"With over seven years’ experience in the hearing industry, Mal’s has a passion for improving the life-quality for people struggling with hearing loss."

Mal was raised and educated in Northhamptonshire England. Home of the shoe manufacturing industry and the Cobblers football club.

Upon graduating high school, Mal worked as an Office Junior at Thomas Linel Co. and worked in several office positions.

Her desire to travel the world prompted her to join the British Army in the Woman’s Royal Army Corps. At the age of 18 she completed her recruit training in Guildford Surrey and trade training in Catterick Garrison in Yorkshire.

After graduating as a Switchboard Operator in the Signal Corps, she was posted to various military camps throughout England and finally to Germany where she was promoted to the rank of Corporal.

Upon taking her release she was employed as a receptionist at Weetabix Cereal Co. where she met her husband to be. In 1984 an opportunity arose to transfer and emigrate to Canada with the Weetabix Company to beautiful Cobourg, Ontario.

Mal and her family moved to Brockville in 1986 and since that time raised 3 children who are making their way in the big wide world.

Although Mal is a Britgirl, who loves her tea, steak and kidney pie and roast beef and Yorkshire puddings, Brockville and the Thousand Islands is and has been her home for the past 30yrs.

In her spare time Mal can be found on a beach, puttering in her garden or trying new restaurant’s.

After many years in customer service, Mal has found the last seven years in the hearing aid industry to be the most rewarding and she is passionate and empathetic when it comes to her clients needs.

Sue Baker

Sue Baker

Assistive Device Specialist


"Specializing in Assistive Devices for the hearing impaired, Sue’s passion and experience have been instrumental in improving community support for those with disabilities."

Sue works as an Assistive Device Specialist. Prior to working at Thousand Islands Hearing, she was employed as a Program Assistant for 13 years with the Canadian Hearing Society in Brockville, Ontario.

Sue’s experience includes providing information and support to Hard of Hearing and Deaf individuals, their families and caregivers. Years of training and experience have made her effective in finding Assistive Devices to help these individuals hear better, stay safe in their homes and cope in many different listening situations i.e. on the telephone, while listening to TV., or in crowded, noisy environments, etc.

As a member of the Brockville Municipal Accessibility Advisory Committee for over 3 years, she had the opportunity to work on many projects within the City designed to help remove barriers that prevent a person with a disability from fully participating in all aspects of society. During her tenure, recommendations were made by the Committee and approved by the City to have accessible doors and washrooms installed at both the Brockville Arts Centre and the Brockville Memorial Centre.

Sue derives great satisfaction in spending time with clients to help them choose a device which best suits their needs. She looks forward to meeting and assisting many new clients at Thousand Islands Hearing.