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A hearing test alongside a qualified specialist can help evaluate the sensitivity of your hearing and provide a full evaluation of your audiological health. Our team at Thousand Islands Hearing will work with you directly to assess your hearing thresholds and provide you full information on the results our tests reveal.

What Does the Brockville Hearing Test Involve?

  • Our standard hearing test is the pure tone audiometry test, which measures the air and bone conduction thresholds in each ear for a set of 8 standard frequencies from 250Hz to 8000Hz.  Our team also performs speech recognition test, word recognition test and uncomfortable thresholds.  Our team needs to fully understand how well the patient is understanding what they hear.
  • This test takes place within our sound booth while you wear insert tips or headphones, which is connected to an external audiometer. The results help us plot your hearing thresholds at each tested frequency. In some cases, we may use higher frequencies to determine unique hearing issues.

In order to measure a person’s ability to hear noise in both quiet and loud environments, we use the Hearing in Noise Test. During this test, you’ll be asked to repeat sentences with varying levels of competing noise. The test works to measure the signal to noise ratio in each condition, which then corresponds with how loud the sentences must be played for you to repeat the sentence correctly 50% of the time.

Which Physical Elements are Measured?

In addition to measuring your hearing during the test, we will also analyze your ears directly to make sure they are free of wax and that your eardrum is intact. Using the otoscope, we'll also ensure the ears are not infected and that your middle ear is free from fluid or blockages.   At this stage, we also generally conduct a tympanogram, which involves the placement of a small probe in the ear. This process will tell our audiologist /hearing specialist how the eardrum and the connected structures in the ear are working. The results of the tympanogram will tell us whether there is a perforation of the eardrum. We also perform an acoustic reflex test, in which a probe is placed in the ear to transmit a loud tone, usually greater than 70 dBSPL. This test measures the reflexive contraction of the stapedius muscle, which protects the ear from loud noises. The test also provides us information about the vestibular and facial nerves.

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