Hearing Loss Treatment in Brockville

How Hearing Loss Impacts Your Life

It often starts with a simple question: “What?” You begin to ask people around you to repeat themselves more and more often.

Relationships change. You don’t want to miss a word of the news so you turn up the volume – and are surprised when the family is annoyed at how loud it is. And you have trouble at work because you misunderstand instructions.

New social habits. You begin to avoid certain social settings, like restaurants, because it’s so hard to hear in all that background noise. And you miss out on some get-togethers entirely because you don’t hear the phone ring.

Facing the facts. When someone tells you that you may have trouble hearing it can often be a painful shock. It should be comforting to know that you can do something about it.

Taking the first step. A visit to a Hearing Care Professional can help you understand your hearing loss and how you can improve it. The sooner you correct your hearing loss the better you will feel because you will be able to participate in conversation and enjoy time with loved ones.


Signs of Hearing loss

Often those around you will notice changes before you do. When your hearing begins to fade people may react differently to you and you to them. You may be embarrassed to ask them to repeat a question, or may simply stop participating in conversation, which can make you feel isolated and alone.

Hearing loss happens slowly over many years and as a result, you don’t recognize the changes. As such, when symptoms start to become noticeable, you often blame others for mumbling or speaking softly – you may even find yourself avoiding loud environments like restaurants, shopping malls, or even family gatherings.