The Causes of Conductive Hearing Loss

Conductive Hearing Loss - Thouans Islands HearingHearing loss can have a significant impact on a person in their day-to-day life. So, it’s important if you feel you’re suffering from some form of hearing impairment that you gain a full understanding on the issue so that it can be properly diagnosed and treated. To help guide you in analyzing your conductive hearing loss, Thousand Islands Hearing looks at several causes for the issue in this latest post.


Ear wax obstruction is one of the most common forms of conductive hearing loss. The wax issue can be identified during an examination and the wax can then be promptly removed by a specialist. It’s important to remember that cotton applicators may actually aggravate conductive hearing loss in some patients.

Swimmer’s Ear

Swimmer’s ear is a condition that involves the infection of the ear canal. The problem is often related to water exposure. The main symptoms of the issue are pain and sensitivity within the ears, which grows with time. Sometimes there is swelling of the ear canal, which can further enhance conductive hearing loss.

Foreign Body in the Ear

In cases where children have placed small toys and other objects in the ear, conductive hearing loss can occur. Objects such as beads and small tips of cotton applicators can become lodged within the ear. The problem will cause pain and noise to occur within the ear canal and requires the expertise of a medical specialist in order to ensure safe removal.

Malformation of the Inner Ear

Diagnosed in early childhood, malformation of the inner ear can lead to disruptions in hearing for some children. In some cases, surgeons can operate to reconstruct the ear and reform the inner structure to ensure unimpeded hearing.

Call a Specialist to Start Treatment

If you have conductive hearing loss and it’s not associated with any of the previously highlighted issues, it’s important you speak with a hearing expert at the earliest convenience. They can help to diagnose the problem and provide clear solutions that will help to restore your hearing over time. Our team at Thousand Islands Hearing has years of experience within the industry, and we’re here to guide you in resolving your hearing loss problems. To book an appointment, call our team today!

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