Hearing Aids

Assistive Listening Devices

Hearing is not an all or nothing phenomenon. 

Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs) are amplifiers that bring sound directly to the ear. They separate sound, mainly speech, that a person may want to hear more clearly over background noise. Research indicates that people who are hard of hearing may require and extra volume of 15 to 25 dB. ALDs are used by people with all degrees of loss from mild to profound. These users include hearing aid users and cochlear implant users as well.

You could describe ALDs as binoculars for the ears, as they stretch the ability of hearing aids or implants and increase their effectiveness. 

There are three main types of ALDs,  these include the FM systems that offer mobility and flexibility through a transmitter you wear on your body, infrared systems that are used primarily for television listening and entertainment, and the inductive loop systems that cans be used by non-hearing aid users through headphones, or hearing aid users through a t-coil system. 

If you would like to learn more about Assistive Listening Technology please feel free to contact our offices and inquire about what we have available for you.

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Our Brockville Team Explains the Total Cost of Hearing Aids

When reviewing your options for hearing aids in Brockville, you might find that the price is a little higher than you expected. While our team at Thousand Islands Hearing works to reduce the total cost to you, we feel it’s important you understand the background behind hearing aid pricing. In this new post, we explain the cost factors for hearing aids.

Total Research Costs

The research that goes into each hearing aid product is significant. Research companies test the performance of their products in a range of environments and under various conditions to ensure the ideal performance for the user. The research process often involves working with computer scientists to develop the amplification products within the latest hearing aids. Audiologists must also work to produce a system that delivers sound cleanly and ensures the optimal experience for the user.

Working With an Audiologist

Another key element that goes into the final cost of hearing aids is the work required alongside your Brockville audiologist. An audiologist can help end users to use the equipment and to hone the hearing aid for use with their hearing capacity. Another element in the client’s work with an audiologist is the equipment used. This equipment is critical to measuring hearing levels and in calibrating hearing aids for client use, but it can be expensive for the company to purchase.

Building The Ideal Business Environment

A company involved in the testing and sale of hearing aids must create a facility designed uniquely for their clients and their unique hearing requirements. Our team at Thousand Islands Hearing has spent significant resources in optimizing our facilities and integrating cutting-edge audiological equipment to ensure effective hearing aid performance. These investments require significant time and resources and comprise a portion of the total cost for the consumer.

At Thousand Islands Hearing, we’re committed to reducing your total costs when buying hearing aids through our Brockville team. We’ll work with you to reduce your expenditure at each stage of the process while ensuring you have the necessary expert analysis and data to make the right choice for the years ahead.

To discover more about hearing aids and their production, contact us today.

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Three Reasons People Don't Wear Their Hearing Aids - And the Solutions

Three Reasons People Don't Wear Their Hearing Aids


you know that only around 20% of people who could benefit from hearing aids actually use them regularly?  It's amazing, but true (People don't war their hearing aids).  We work with patients all the time who have hearing aids but leave them out most of the time, or only wear them on special occasions.

At Thousand Islands Hearing, our goal is to bring better hearing solutions to everyone who passes through our doors.  But that's hard for us to accomplish if people don't use their hearing aids!  So today, we wanted to talk a bit about the reasons we hear for why hearing aids go unused, and how to solve those problems so you can enjoy better hearing all the time.


Three Challenges That Deter People from Using Their Hearing Aids

1. "It's a poor fit."

Probably the most common complaint we hear is that people's hearing aids aren't a good fit.  Either they are uncomfortable to wear for long periods, or they have a tendency to slip off of the ears.  This is entirely fixable!  Just bring your hearing aids to us, or any other hearing technology specialist, and you can have them re-fit to better suit you.  

2. "I can't hear much better with them."

There are a few reasons why hearing aids might stop working correctly.  At the most basic, they may simply need cleaning.  Is there anything -like earwax- clogging up the input holes?  It could also be electrical or mechanical problems with the hearing aids themselves.  Or, it's also possible that your hearing has simply changed. 

Hearing loss can change over time, and people sometimes periodically need new hearing aids.

Either way, the solution is to talk to your hearing aid specialist to have your current hearing aids examined for functionality.

3. "They sound weird."

At present, no hearing aid is going to 100% perfectly recreate natural human hearing.  (Although they're consistently getting better.)  However, part of this is an adjustment process.  The more you use your hearing aids, the less weird they will sound.  Your brain will adjust to them, and after a while, they'll start seeming more normal.
However, you need to wear them constantly for this to happen.  They will always sound weird if they're only used occasionally.

Need Help with Your Hearing Aids?  Call Us!

Thousand Islands Hearing is a local leader in hearing aid solutions.  For help, just make an appointment.


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Signs Of Hearing Loss And Getting Hearing Aids In Brockville

signs of hearing lossHere is something a lot of people aren’t aware of: Hearing loss can be a surprisingly gradual process, because your hearing can deteriorate very slowly, almost without you noticing. Self-diagnosis is never a good idea, not only because a professional is more qualified to conduct a hearing test but because our brains tend to adjust to hearing loss on their own, making it difficult to recognize a problem until it reaches an advanced stage.  There are different types of hearing aids in Brockville that can help, but the first thing to do is look for signs of hearing loss.

What to look out for

One of the first signs of hearing loss is asking family and friends to repeat things. Turning up the television or music player to a volume that others may find disturbing is also a common sign, as is a loss of enjoyment at social activities that involve spending time with groups. When any of these things happen, it is important to get a hearing test as soon as possible. They are easy to do and take approximately half an hour, after which you can find out more about hearing aids in Brockville.

Hearing aids available

Some people avoid hearing aids because they assume these are only for older people. In fact, almost 65% of people with hearing loss are younger than 65. Hearing aids can slow cognitive decline tied to hearing loss, while the costs can differ dramatically depending on whether you speak to a clinic or shop for them online yourself, so it is important to get advice from a reliable source.  Some people refuse hearing aids because of aesthetic reasons, even though advances in technology now make tiny, discrete hearing aids possible.

Contact Thousand Islands Hearing

For information on hearing loss and hearing aids in Brockville, contact our independent hearing clinic dedicated to helping Ontarians overcoming all kinds of hearing-related challenges.  For a hearing test, please get in touch with us for an appointment as soon as possible. 

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How to Discuss Brockville Hearing Aids Options with Your Parents

Hearing Aids - Thousand Islands HearingIt’s a common situation that thousands experience on an annual basis, having to guide their parents to get extra help when they need it in the home. Yet many still feel uncomfortable talking with elderly family members about this process. To help guide you as you talk to your parents about potential hearing aids for use in their home, our Thousand Islands Hearing Brockville experts offer the following tips.

Research the Options

If you are truly serious about talking to your parents about hearing aids, research the options in the local Brockville marketplace. Talk to local experts and find out which products offer the best value for money. Make sure you coordinate this research with the expert and ask them to give you three or four products to discuss with your parent, ahead of your discussion.

Don’t Begin the Discussion During Stressful Moments

Stress can further impact your parent when talking about hearing aids. It can make them less likely to listen to you and more likely to maintain their stubborn approach to a hearing problem. Make sure you wait until you have some peace and quiet around the home. The television should be turned off and the phones should be silenced so you’re not interrupted when having the discussion.

Focus on How Their Hearing Loss Is Impacting You

Rather than allowing your parent to become defensive about the issue, explain to them how their hearing problems are impacting your life. Explain your sadness in that your parent is no longer able to listen to their television show any longer, or play cards with their friends. Explain that they seem tired because of the strain that hearing loss can cause during day-to-day interactions. You can then get them to open up to you about the other problems their hearing loss might be causing.

Continue to Be Their Advocate

If your communication with your parent is successful, and they get a hearing aid, it’s important that you don’t stop your work here. Make sure you stay alongside your parent as they adjust to their new form of hearing. Help them test products and choose the right hearing aids for their home. Make sure they know that you’re there for them for all age-related challenges. It can be difficult to comfort your parent and guide them as they choose hearing aids in Brockville . But by working closely with them and committing to the research process, you can find the ideal product that brings comfort to their day-to-day life. Call the team at Thousand Islands Hearing for more on this important topic.

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