October 2017

How to Discuss Brockville Hearing Aids Options with Your Parents

Hearing Aids - Thousand Islands HearingIt’s a common situation that thousands experience on an annual basis, having to guide their parents to get extra help when they need it in the home. Yet many still feel uncomfortable talking with elderly family members about this process. To help guide you as you talk to your parents about potential hearing aids for use in their home, our Thousand Islands Hearing Brockville experts offer the following tips.

Research the Options

If you are truly serious about talking to your parents about hearing aids, research the options in the local Brockville marketplace. Talk to local experts and find out which products offer the best value for money. Make sure you coordinate this research with the expert and ask them to give you three or four products to discuss with your parent, ahead of your discussion.

Don’t Begin the Discussion During Stressful Moments

Stress can further impact your parent when talking about hearing aids. It can make them less likely to listen to you and more likely to maintain their stubborn approach to a hearing problem. Make sure you wait until you have some peace and quiet around the home. The television should be turned off and the phones should be silenced so you’re not interrupted when having the discussion.

Focus on How Their Hearing Loss Is Impacting You

Rather than allowing your parent to become defensive about the issue, explain to them how their hearing problems are impacting your life. Explain your sadness in that your parent is no longer able to listen to their television show any longer, or play cards with their friends. Explain that they seem tired because of the strain that hearing loss can cause during day-to-day interactions. You can then get them to open up to you about the other problems their hearing loss might be causing.

Continue to Be Their Advocate

If your communication with your parent is successful, and they get a hearing aid, it’s important that you don’t stop your work here. Make sure you stay alongside your parent as they adjust to their new form of hearing. Help them test products and choose the right hearing aids for their home. Make sure they know that you’re there for them for all age-related challenges. It can be difficult to comfort your parent and guide them as they choose hearing aids in Brockville . But by working closely with them and committing to the research process, you can find the ideal product that brings comfort to their day-to-day life. Call the team at Thousand Islands Hearing for more on this important topic.

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Our Hearing Clinic Experts Explain the Sounds Each Ear Hears

Brockville Hearing Clinic - Thousand Islands HearingIn gaining a greater understanding on your hearing, you can adapt to changes in your environment and make more effective choices on the hearing solutions available at your Brockville hearing clinic. Our team at Thousand Islands Hearing has decades of experience within this area of healthcare, and within this latest post, we’ll explore the unique sounds each ear hears.

The Brain and Hearing

All sound we hear are organized by our brain to determine the location, volume and pitch of the sound. The brain then sends the signaling information to the ears, where the information then translates into the sound that you hear. Since your brain is separated into two hemispheres: the right and the left, your hearing is also, in some ways, separated between your right ear and left ear. Our left ear is connected to our left side of the brain, which decodes information on what we’re hearing. The left side of the brain tells us what we’re hearing and the contextual environment. The right side of the brain serves a different function. It informs us of the meaning behind what’s said and the tone. This enables us to engage in conversation and respond to verbal cues when we notice someone is upset by the tone of their voice. This information is being processed so quickly when don’t know it’s taking place. It’s an occurrence that we rely on throughout our everyday lives, and one that we don’t’ fully understand.

The Role of Hearing Aids

When you experience a problem with one or both of your ears, hearing aids can provide a resolution. Wearing a hearing aid from a local clinic can help, for example, to balance the sounds that you’re hearing. It can also help to increase the pitch and volume of the audio within your room, allowing you to gain a greater understanding on the conversation. It’s a tool that is helping thousands of people build their social awareness and achieve comfort at work and at work.

Thousand Islands Hearing

The team at our local hearing clinic can guide you in choosing the right hearing aids for your unique hearing challenges. To book a consultation, call us today!

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